Thursday, July 8, 2010

TV-B-Gone Pro Switches off TVs 110 Meters Away

Tiny shape gadget is not a new and surprise thing in gadget world, but it can be a surprise if it comes with unexpected specs. This is also happened to the TV-B-Gone, it is a small gadget that allows you to turn off almost all TVs by the push of a button. The TV-B-Gone is the new version which comes up with the pro version named. The device allows you to switch off TVs off at 110 meters away. With the touch activated switch, you'll be able to turn off any TV within a matter of seconds. Wow, I can barely say this is even better than an mp3 player size. The price for TV-B-Gone is $49.99 in USD while for IDR it might be cost around Rp. 4.999.900 not included tax.

TV-B-Gone Features
* Turns off/on almost every TV model
* Turn off TVs up to 110 meters away (much further away than the non-Pro model)
* Flashing LED indicates it is working
* May take up to 62 seconds to work, but typically will work quickly
* Can operate in "Stealth mode"
* Small and powerful rechargeable battery (battery & charger included)
* Dimensions: 2.75" (height) x 2.06" (width) x 0.26" (depth)
* Note: Product case design is for looks only.

Via: gadgetvenue

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