Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First USB 3.0 unveiled

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Freecom, a manufacturer of external hard drive announced a new technology in data storage using USB 3.0 technology. It is expected to be a standard of 70 percents data storage by 2012. Offering storage capacities up to 2 TB, this hard drive also claimed as the smallest hard drive in the world which has 3.5 inches wide. With the capacity, it can hold up to 400.000 MP3 files, more than 1.3 million digital photos, 400 full DVDs or 2000 movies.

Freecom Hard Drive XS 3.0 is also compatible and work with all USB 2.0 enabled computers and notebooks, as well as forthcoming USB 3.0 models. Theoretically, it offers transfer speed up to 500 MB/s and with that speed we can now transfer a 5GB movie in just 38 seconds.

Covered by form-fitting rubber enclosure to reduce a vibration combining an elegant design and functional itself. The weight is approximately 860 grams means easy to transport and make sharing data easier than ever.

However, it is just available in Europe by mid-November in 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB capacities, the prices start at 119 EUR for 1TB. So for you who live in outside of Europe, you must be patient to use this new technology of data storage.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It’s Facebook lite

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A new platform of facebook now has been launched and named as a facebook lite. As its name, this platform is a simplified facebook. For you who feel that facebook is too crowded, you can try facebook lite as an option.

This platform is just like a social micro blogging as we have known as Twitter. However, this type is still in developing process and now just available for US and India only. This platform is especially for limited bandwidth countries.

Twitter is simple, that’s why facebook try to present this new platform of facebook lite to compete. For you who are wondering to know you can access it through and here is the screenshot of home page.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ferrari F200 One

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If you find a netbook with an Intel Atom Processor is a common thing today, almost all kinds of netbook will be featured by Intel Atom N280 Processor as a latest processor for netbook. But what you think if a netbook is featured by a competitor of Intel as a processor which is AMD Ion.

Acer wants to surprise us with Ferrari F200 One, an 11.6” machine, that use a new AMD mobile platform, which is Congo. As other previous Ferrari series, this netbook has an exclusive design with Ferrari logo clearly imaged on the body. Furthermore, this netbook’s chassis fully made from Fiber Carbon and the color explicitly a Ferrari which is red.

Ferrari F200 One is featured by Athlon X2 L310 dual-core 1,2GHz processor, 4GB memory card, ATI Radeon HD3200 graphic card, 160GB harddisk, and a XPG port for external graphic connection. It has 1366x768 resolutions with a format 16:9. For a network connection, it is featured by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and WWAN (optional). This netbook is predicted to use Windows 7 (OS) Home Premium or Basic.
Still unsure the time when this Ferrari F200 One will be launched to the market including the fixed price of it. However, the price is predicted quiet expensive, about US$ 724. How I wonder to see this gadget to be launched as soon as possible.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Asus EeePC Seashell 1000HE

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Besides practicality level and the price, battery life is a one of the most important reason in choosing a netbook. Among the dozens of locally and global brands netbook, Asus EeePC Seashell 1000HE is the best choice. Why? It’s because of the first Netbook which has a longest battery life 6 hours and can be used all day.

Asus EeePC Seashell 1000HE is the first using lithium polymer battery. This battery is set internal, so cannot be plugged out. The ability of this battery can reach unti 9.5 hours with the minimal usage. As previous Asus Notebook, this series also featured by super-hybrid engine to set the processor speed range.

This gadget has a design like a seashell with a width 1 inch and a weight is only 1.1 kg. With Intel Atom N280 processor, 1.66 GHz, it practically has the completeness of the average netbook class. Beside those, the storage is supported by 160 GB Seagate harddisk that has a high ability to read and write with an access speed 32.2 millisecond. In fact, Asus provides additional virtual hard disk freely through EeeStorage service for 10 GB.

The price was not less to compete with competitors because the market can be found with the official price below IDR 4.5 million. To upgrade the memory or hard disk, you have to go to the ASUS service center. Stores usually cannot do it. So your blogging activity can be more fun if using a long life netbook for your mobile style.


Eee PC 1000HE

Enjoy All-day Computing with Eee PC™ 1000HE

• 9.5 hours* of battery life for all-day computing
• Convenient one-touch system recovery
• Beautiful and durable Infusion finish
• High-speed wireless connectivity with 802.11n and Bluetooth support
• 1.3 Mega Pixels Web Camera


Monday, September 7, 2009

How to earn money by blog

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Many of my friends always ask me about how to earn money by blog, is that easy money or how much money we can get? Easy money, how can we say those words? In online business field, nothing can be said as easy money, all need a process to get it. Many types of online business that can be concerned, such as paid review, PPC, PTC, paid surveys, or even online trading and custom design of templates.

All kind of business always needs time and some capitals to start, but the result is always equal to the effort you have done. Here I want to share about some chance to earn money by blogging that I have done for a year I start blogging and maybe you can count on my ways.

Web Design
Many ways for you to earn money by this way, because the web improvement now has increased significantly day by day, so if you have ability to design a web, you have a big chance to earn much money from internet. I always use CMS to build a website for my clients and I am always using Joomla. Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that can ease you to build a website and Joomla is also easy to manage the content. Even you have no an ability in PHP, you still can build the website and of course to sell it.
If you have an ability to make a design using some design software like Photoshop or Corel draw, you can make a custom template for BlogSpot or Wordpress. Many bloggers want see their blog looks unique, so this is your chance to earn money.

Paid Review
This kind of business is a favorite business by some bloggers. With blogging you always make an article for your blog. But just think of it, if you make an article then you post it to your blog and you will be paid for it. That is a paid review.

My favorite brokers that you can consider to join are Blogsvertise, reviewme, sponsoredreviews, and buyblogreviews. For an article you are going to be paid for $3 - $50, so if you are lucky you will get much money from this business. But you have to prepare your blog in good traffic and Page Rank to get more jobs from those brokers.

PPC (Pay per Click) or adsense
For this type of business, you need to have a high traffic to your blog to ensure that your adsense would be clicked by your visitor. If you have reached some clicks and minimum payout, you will get your earn to PayPal or by check. You can choose your PPC but the most common known is Google Adsense.

Actually many more business that can you concern on, such as PTC (Paid to click), online surveys, affiliate, but for you who have a blog I just recommend you to concern on three types of online business above. Besides more reliable and trustable, they are also fit with kind of activity on internet that we are now doing which is blogging.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

How to submit blog Url on Yahoo

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As on Google, if we want our blog or site to be crawled by Yahoo, we have to submit our site url to yahoo. The way is still same as Google, we are going to get a meta tag called as Y-Key. How to get that Y Key? Hereby, I try to explain more about it.
Before you can reach Yahoo Site Explorer to submit your Url’s blog, of course you need to sign in first. If you hard to find Yahoo Site Explorer, just click this link, and then just submit your site as shown by picture below. Next step don’t forget to click “Add My Site” button.

After that you will find the next window as shown at picture below to authenticate your site.
Then, you will get your Meta tag or Y-key to be put on your template. Just copy the code and paste after code <head> and before code <b: skin=""><!--[CDATA[/* in your template then save your template.

Well, after adding the Meta tag in your site, go back to your Yahoo Site explorer and click “Ready to Authenticate” button.

Is that all? Nope, because we still have next step due to your blog or site be crawled by Yahoo. You still need to submit your blog Url and these are two steps to do:

1. Go back to your Yahoo Site Explorer page and check the radio button then click “Manage” button as shown at the picture below.

2. Type rss.xml or atom.xml in the box available as shown at picture. This will help Yahoo to crawl your site/blog via your feeds as soon as your site updated.

All the steps have finished and as my experience before, my blog needed at least 3 weeks to be crawled by Yahoo. Too long to be crawled, but if your blog has been crawled, it could be a good option for your SEO.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Google Mobile for your Blackberry

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Blackberry is a common used Smartphone today because of its completeness in features. We can feel like bring a tiny computer in your pocket. As I said, Blackberry can be installed with many kind of applications that available today. One of them is Google Mobile.

Google mobile provide you many apps to install to your smartphone, such as Google maps, Google earth, Google talk, You Tube, and many other Google apps for your Blackberry. Especially for Blackberry brand, you can also download Google SMS.

So do not make your Blackberry as a usual Smartphone, make it more fun and make it more interesting with all Google apps that can you freely download on Google mobile.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get BUZZ!!! With facebook

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Who does not know Facebook today? It has been a most popular social media networking site that connect you with your friends, sharing your activities or minds, and has more than 250 million users all around the world. With the potential active users, of course your advertisement will be more targeted in Facebook.

You can also set your country target for each of your advertisement even per state that you want your ads shown up.

The next step is you can design your own ad with text or image based to attract the visitor, and you can also set the payment per click (CPC) or per impression (CPM).

The great one is the report of your ads, because you can see all your ads improvement in real time, also who has clicked your ads based on gender and ages.

You just need to visit your facebook account and go to create your own ad.

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