Saturday, January 30, 2010

iPad accessories collection

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Once the iPad launched, some accessories have also been launched and we have talk about it few days ago about the iPad docking. Here we will trace some great accessories for this tablet which also revealed after the iPad launching:

1. Scosche kickBACK iPad Case

This case seems like the docking for iPad and works portrait either landscape. It will be launched next spring. The case is made from a combination of shatterprooof polycarbonate and rubber. Sorry, the price is not available yet.

2. iPad Sleeves by Belkin.

The design is to cover uo the iPad and as a wallet to protect the touchscreen surface. This case has slim design with additional pocket to keep the iPad accessories. The sleeves has three variants: the Vue ($39.99), Max ($39.99) and Grip ($29.99) and measure about 10 inches diagonally. This iPad case also be launched next spring where the 3G edition of ipad will be unveiled.

3. iPad keyboard dock (official)

Apple also has official keyboard dock accessories that combines a dock for charging the iPad with a full-size keyboard. The dock has 30-pin connector which allows you to connect to an electrical outlet using the USB Power Adapter, sync to the computer, and use accessories like the Camera Connection Kit. It retails for about $69.

4. iPad case (official)

Apple itself also embedded the iPad with their own case to protect the touchscreen. The design is just like a book cover and can be used at various positions. The price is $39.

5. iPad Camera Connection Kit (official)

The iPad Camera Connection Kit has a function as a bridge from your digital camera to upload or download the Photos to your iPad, as the iPad itself has no attached webcam. It prices about $29.

6. iPad 10W USB Power Adapter (official)

Okay, I will not tell you what the function of this thing, it's an adapter with 6-foot-long power cable allows you to charge it from an even greater distance. The price? Well, I got no detail anywhere about the price.
For complate iPad+accessories you may need to spend about $900 - $1000 of your money. This is an iPad!

iPad - the Apple tablet (finally)

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Apple has finally launched their tablet debut which before much rumored as iSlate, iGuide, iTablet and many more, now it's officially iPad. From the look, it's quite same as the prediction and either the specs. However, nothing special with this gadget, it's just like a standard where we guessed it would be a great deal to have a tablet from Apple.

iPad itself comes into two variants of connectivity (Wi-fi and Wi-Fi+3G)where the 3G edition will be launched in April 2010 in the US and the deal with the operators for monthly subscription will be done in June 2010 in other countries. Let's see for Asia'a countries. The Apple iPad has three capacities started from 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

According to, the Apple iPad specs are:

  • 0.5 inches thin
  • 9.7 inch multi-touch capacitive display with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution
  • 1 GHz Apple A4 chip
  • Accelerometer, compass
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Wi-Fi
  • Assisted GPS (only for the Wi-Fi + 3G model)
  • SIM card tray (only for the Wi-Fi + 3G model)
  • 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack
  • 16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal memory
  • Standby: over 1 month
From the above specs, it seems nothing cooler than other tablet but it's still cool for the Apps support where Apple claimed that is available for over 140.000 apps to be downloaded at the App store.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iMicroscope – an iPhone App to see microscopic images

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iPhone is a cool and multi-function phone as we knew, all because of the apps that make this phone better than others. One of awesome app is iMicroscope to see the microscopic images, even though we know that the iPhone camera is not better than others.

Disappointedly, it needs the microscope to make it works. iMicroscope is claimed to be compatible with any type of microscope. The main function is to capture any microscopic images and zoom it into a readable image by aligning the camera to the microscope lens. It’s fun app I think and to get it, you can buy for only $2.99 at the App store.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nikko - voice controlled RC helicopter

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Nikko has just unveiled their new game console which can be controlled by voice. Niko mini voice controlled helicopter recognizes some commands including “start engine”, “higher”, “lower”, “hold” and “stop”. By controlling with voice you will not be tired in your fingers to push the stick buttons.

Besides voice controller, Nikko RC helicopter also allows you to control via conventional dual-stick and the controller is a craft charger itself. This mini chopper is powered by a sensor to avoid the helicopter to hit the ceiling; you need just to say “don’t hit the ceiling”. Meanwhile, it might be only controlled with English, so non-English country kids have to learn English first to play this awesome game gadget. Unfortunately, there is no detail confirmation yet from the manufacturer about when it will be launched including the price.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

iPad for iSlate or iGuide dock connectors?

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The rumor of this next Apple product comes to the next step where the Apple event coming in two days later. The event before is rumored to be the time to announced some Apple products, but not for the Apple tablet. All the blogosphere wait for this big moment where all the rumors will be clear.

Yet another rumor is iPad, hardware to support the Apple Tablet. This iPad has two edges – short and long – which allow the tablet to be landscape or portrait docking. The design of iPad seems not possible for the iPod or iPhone docking by the bigger size of dock.

iPad is also probably including an antenna array at the back of slate for wireless or even 3G network. With this equipment, it is possible to make the tablet for monthly fee of data which similar to the Amazon Kindle system.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Green Noise – an eco-friendly runaway light

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You might see the lights when you will land to the airport at night right? The lights will help the pilot to land the airplane. The lights, of course, need such a big energy, but the new concept made by Hung-Uei Jou from Yanko Design tells you that the runaway lights can be energy save.

The Green Noise concept is an eco-friendly design made to replace a conventional runaway light. It features the conical speaker that will absorb the sounds from the airplane and then convert into the energy to light the runaway. Unfortunately, we got no detail specification yet about how it works and converts the sound into the energy.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talking Dinner Plate to Slow Down your Eating

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Are you among those who worry about weight? Well, do not to be worry too much, perhaps this information you need to refer to. A group of Swedish scientists have developed a gadget to monitor the speed of your eating, and chides you if too fast.
According to the My Digital Life, a "Mandometer" is an electronic scale that you place under your plate. Foods scale weight, and, as you eat, to monitor the level of consumption. Then stack the data against the "ideal graphics for food consumption," which has apparently been determined by the therapist of food. If you stray too far from the graph, the computer will ask you to slow down that fork. The idea is that this system will train fat people eat more slowly, thus leading to less food is eaten and dropped more pounds.

In a study published by the British Medical Journal, the participants are using the Mandometer, contrary to traditional treatment; they decreased Body Mass Index (BMI) with an average of 2.1 percent - three times more than traditional groups. Anyway, women in this digital age may put Mandometer as must-have items on the shopping list.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Eee PC to be Ion 2 based chipset

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Asus plans to release the latest Eee PC netbook with NVIDIA platform, ION 2. The ION 2 version will be released in both PC and Netbook version featured with NVIDIA’s ION 2 based chipset.

Unfortunately we got no detail yet about the specification of this new Eee PC variant where it’s going to be launched next spring. The Ion 2 chipset itself is claimed to provide better video playback quality and battery life. Meanwhile, the Asus Eee PC group has also been added a configuration that is based on AMD's Congo chipset. The company recently previewed a Congo-based 1201T capable of 1080p video playback, as the Athlon Neo CPU is paired with an ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics processor where the Asus Eee PC also previously come to N450 Intel atom edition.

For the Ion 2 NVIDIA platform Eee PC will retail approximately $435 and the 12-inch Congo-based Eee PC will retail for approximately $560.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Amazon Kindle now open for developer

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Amazon announces that they now open the development for Kindle and will have its own app store. For next, this E-ink will have many app including gaming app. It seems like a Tablet now.

For the developers, Amazon offers the 70% revenue from the users and 30% to Amazon for the delivery fees of $0.15 / MB. There are three options of App which is categorized by Amazon which are Free App, One-time Purchase, and Monthly Subscription. Free is an active application with the size smaller than 1MB and use less than 100KB/user/month of wireless data where the users only pay for the delivery and maintenance service. One-time Purchase is an application when the user being charged once they purchased for the application and the last agreement is Monthly Subscription where the users are charged monthly for using the application.

Kindle itself is an Amazon product which functioned as and E-reader and featured by 3G network where you can download the e-book every where. It retails for $259.00 (the price based on Jan 21 deal) and you can buy it via Amazon.

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SlideScreen Android App for Home Screen

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If you have an Android phone, it’s fun to install this application to beautify your home screen with the useful information. The SlideScreen will make the home screen of your Android become animated and you can freely set which application to be shown on home screen such as Google Reader, Twitter, email, text messages, calendar appointments, and stocks.

This application actually is a common default app for the touch screen phones where Samsung Corby and LG Touch as the mid-end phone have adapted this kind of application. The minus value of this application may be in text size which is very tiny font, if you have clear vision you might read the text but if you wear glasses, I don’t think so. However, the SlideScreen app for Android has a lot of information can be shown on your home screen. This SlideScreen Pro version app retails for $6.99.

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Apple and Microsoft to compete Google

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Apple has just launched their PC Boot Camp 3.1 update and it also supports Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit version for Mac users. Not only the OS that supports windows, the utilities and the hardware including keyboard and mouse also now supports Windows 7 to run. The older problems of Apple Trackpad and Laptop LED issues are also corrected in this update. The update can be downloaded at Boot Camp 3.1 support service.

apple boot camp 3.1

Nevertheless, Apple now has intense cooperation with Microsoft where Apple rumored to change their iPhone’s default search engine to Microsoft Bing. This accelerate might be to compete their (Apple and Microsoft) rival (Google) where now Google has expanded their business to hardware concern with their debut Google Nexus One and Android.

bing and iphone

According to Neilsen.Co, 86% of mobile users choose Google Search as their search engine while only 11% who use Bing for search in November. Most of iPhone users also change their default iPhone search engine to Google. Google is still phenomenon I think.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Microsoft Zune the pink phone

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Microsoft Pink which is also called as Zune Phone probably will be coming in two months. Many rumors talked about it, but there is no official confirmation yet from Microsoft while Google has successfully launched their Google Phone.

According to technology analyst at Jefferies, Katherine Egbert, Zune-like handset might be announced either at MWC 2010 (in February), or at CTIA 2010 (in March). It seems also to be the first Windows Mobile 7 (WM 7) phone and features a 5MP camera with HD video recording.

WM 7 itself will be categorized into two editions, Windows Phone Seven Business Edition and Windows Phone Seven Media Edition. The Zune phone itself has a multimedia platform which means that if Zune coming, it would be a Windows Phone Seven Media Edition. But now, we just can wait and see.

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iSlate to be announced on January 27?

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Apple has announced that they are going to take an event on January 27, 2010 in San Francisco to unveil some their new products including iPhone OS 4.0, iLife 2010, and probably Apple Tablet which is rumored as iSlate.

Apple doesn’t give any detail confirmation about the exact products will be revealed to the public on that time but many speculations come. In fact, some products that seem surely to be launched are iPhone new OS 4.0 and iLife 2010, new version of Apple’s suite of software apps that will bring some features like managing, editing, and publishing photos, music and videos.

No rumor spread up that new iPhone 4G will be launched at this event where Apple usually launches their hardware in the summertime.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

iPhone 4G features possibility

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Apple products are always be rumors for the next generation where Apple Tablet, probably called as iSlate has been rounded up in the internet either the iPhone 4G which strongly rumored among us. We have talked about the next iPhone 4G before and now we going to talk it more detail, but it’s all still a rumor.

Many speculations come up to the surface including the specs of new iPhone 4G. From the image below, we can see the specification possibility. The glowing Apple logo could be 1% if there any change, 90% possibility of this iPhone 4G to use 5MP camera either the using of OLED display which could be 90%.

Meanwhile, the use of Dual-Core Processor and more RAM for this 4G version could be 80% and another high possibility is the Touch Sensitive Case would be 75%. The next are about the front facing video camera and Contacts on Home Screen feature that reach the percentage of 70%. The great one of those possibilities is about the launching time, it 99% would be launched in May and July, 2010. Just wait and see and keep rumored of this sophisticated mobile phone.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dell Froot-the next computer concept design

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This is a great concept design which the next computing will be virtually displayed by the projector. The Del Froot is a concept design by Pauline Carlos sponsored by Dell. The concept shows that the screen will be displayed by the projector and either the keyboard.

The Dell Froot has a colorful case that's constructed out of a biodegradable starch-based polymer with two tiny projectors for display and another for the keyboard. It might need another projector for virtual mouse or using the virtual trackpad concept. We have seen that the virtual keyboard and little tiny projector has been developed today, I think it is possible to make this concept true.

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Motorola Shadow will be Google Nexus Two (Rumor)

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The success of Google Nexus One at the market has been rumored the next of Google Nexus. We always can speculate about the next generation of Google Nexus One and probably named as Google Nexus Two. Some speculations said that it would be an HTC vendor to be the next Google Nexus Two, but another comes that Motorola Android-based phone, the Motorola Shadow, will be the next of Google Nexus.

As rumored before the end of 2009, Motorola Shadow will appear as the sliding QWERTY phone with a 4.3 inch WVGA touchscreen display, HMDI port, and an 8MP camera with HD video recording including the wrist band as the accessories. Looks great, I think. But it’s all still in our waiting list to see the detail of Google Nexus Two.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera

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It’s hard to find a quality picture from pocket video camera, sometimes we got a blur video, but not with Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera. This video camera allows you to record High Definition video (720p at 60 fps with 16:9 aspect ratio) which can result an HD quality video.

With 2.4 inch screen, Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera has Vibrant 2.4-inch viewfinder; Watch footage on HDTV with included cables and can easily upload recorded footage to YouTube with built-in USB and software.

This awesome gadget retails for $89.99 before the price is up via Amazon.

LG 19 Inch Flexible E-Paper Display

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The paper existence will be now replaced due to E-Paper Display will be produced by mid of this year. LG as a leading vendor in a display has announced that the LG Display Showcases Flexible E-Paper will be mass produced.

LG Display Showcases Flexible E-Paper is 19 inch wide and will be used as an e-newspaper. The E-paper display will be as big as A3 piece of paper and measures only 0.3mm thick and only weighs 130grams. The flexibility comes from the metal foil on TFT layer instead of glass substrate. It makes durable but still flexible to hold.

I am sure that this new technology will be replaced the paper existence and also can be a green technology which is eco-friendly.

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Google mobile app now integrated to your Blackberry contacts

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Google Mobile added their application for Blackberry by integrating the contacts to the application. This application allows you to search your Blackberry contacts using Google Mobile App. You just need to type or even only speak with the voice search and quickly reply to an email or forward it on, send an SMS, and call a friend.

This application looks like a contact search and work as Google search itself. You just need type a name of your contacts and all the activity related to your contact will be shown on the screen. It’s like a call log in other phones.

If you need to call or send a text to your contact, you just need to press the corresponding button and the choice will appear on the screen and let you choose which conversation you want to do.

It will simply us to do our call and if you do not want Blackberry App do it for you, you can simply switch it off Phone Search in the options screen. Don’t be afraid because your contacts privacy is safe where Google Mobile App will not send any information about your contacts to your email.

Nevertheless, this Mobile App is only available for Blackbery OS 4.5 or higher for email searching feature but for contacts searching is available for Blackberry OS from 4.2 version and higher. To download it through your Blackberry, you can visit

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Ritmo Pregnancy Sound System for Little Angels

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Have you heard that music can shape our little angels brightly and can help the brain improvement more perfect? This chance is caught by Ritmo to design a sound system especially for pregnant women. It will ease the mom to let the baby listen to music.

While you listen to the music from your iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, or other 3.5mm jack audio pots, you can also share your music to your unborn child. The design will ease you to do it because the ear phone for your unborn child is designed as a strap around mom’s stomach. This impressive gadget is retailed for only $130.

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First 3.0 USB Flash Drive unveiled

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Since first USB 3.0 technology announced, now Flash Drive comes to 3.0 USB technology as well and the first USB 3.0 Flash Drive is Super Talent. The interestingly is USB 3.0 technology allows you to have a high capacity of data storage with very fast transfer speed capability.

Super Talent USB 3.0 Flash Drive itself has various capacities from 32GB, 64GB, and the super size 128 GB. You can imagine what thing can be done by this tiny gadget, huh? As we reported before that 3.0 technology allows the transfer speed up to 500 MB/s, it means you can transfer 5GB DVD movie in just 38 seconds. It’s amazing speed I think, but unfortunately, we got no detail yet about the price and the market of this gadget.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silicon Power 400X - 128GB memory card

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This is a very big capability of little tiny memory card, with 128GB of data storage, this could be the biggest size of memory card today. This memory card has just been unveiled by Silicon Power with a name Silicon Power 400X which has a 128GB of capability to store the data inside. It's a great idea where Samsung only upto 64GB of MoviNAND card.

This memory card designed to be a high-speed memory card and it’s good for a digital camera. Error Correction Code is also embedded in to the flash card to ensure data is stored correctly. Wear Leveling technology makes the card to be last longer where data is written across the card rather than over the same blocks repeatedly.

The card measures 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3 mm, weighs 10g – 12g and works according to all the CF specifications. Nevertheless, it is also available for capacities of the various cards start at 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and the highest 128GB. Unfortunately, we got no detail price yet for this memory card.

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Samsung revealed 32GB MicroSD & 64GB MoviNAND memory

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Samsung has just unveiled their tiny little card memory but in huge size of capacity. It could be great deal for the smartphone or digital camera to keep the data in huge size. The modules revealed are a 32GB MicroSD and 64GB MoviNAND memory card.

64GB MoviNAND measures 1.4mm in height consists of 16 30nm-class 32Gb MLC NAND chips and a controller. Meanwhile, the 32GB MicroSD card measures 1mm-thick and enables the use of Samsung’s advanced 30-nm class 32Gb NAND flash memory technology. The previous 16GB MicroSD was based on 40nm-class 16GB NAND technology.

With the huge capacity of data storage, it enables your mobile devices to store any huge size of data, but the problem is now only some vendors that have compatibility of this huge size of memory card.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Asus EeePC 1005PE comes to N450 Intel atom processor

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Asus has revealed their new EeePC variant coded Asus EeePC 1005 PE. The new Asus EeePC 1005PE has long battery life which is 14 hours satandard use. This is a very long life netbook where the other netbooks have up to 12 hours only.

Asus Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which can save the battery life and the computing can be more efficience, nevertheless, the Intel Atom N450 processor is also fully support the Asus SHE. For data storage, the Asus EeePC 1005PE has 250GB HDD + 500GB Asus Webstorage. Interestingly, the memory standard is 1GB can be expandable up to 2GB with High speed Wi-Fi networking (802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz) + Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR for wire-free mobility.

Netbook is always not complete when not featured by web camera, either the Asus EePC 1005PE which powered with 1.3MP camera and digital microphone. With 10.1 inch and displays 1024 x 600 resolution screen, Asus EeePC 1005PE only weighs for 2.8 pounds.

With Windows 7 Starter edition, it retails for only $368.59 via Amazon.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

LG GW990 - Intel Moorestown Smartphone

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LG plans to build an Intel smartphone by a second half of 2010 named LG GW990. This new smart phone is powered by Intel’s Moorestown processor and will run Intel’s Moblin 2.1 Linux based OS.

Talk about the features, the LG GW990 will have 4.8 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels, it’s very big screen of phone, looks like a tablet size. More interestingly is this smartphone also features 512MB of RAM, 16GB of storage (big enough of built-in memory), and it is capable of playing HD video in 720p on your HDTV completed by 5MP canera. Meanwhile, other specifications are quite same as other phones including a microSD card slot to add more storage, 3D gaming, WiFi, A-GPS, 1850 mAh battery, a digital compass, and HSPA radio.

LG does not dive us the detail of price and the market ranges of this new impressive gadget due to a launching on a half second of 2010. JM5DPAH2XPU5

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