Monday, November 30, 2009

Paid tweet in Japan

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Twitter will begin to implement the service paid model in Japan. Later the user can charge a premium to other Twitter users who want to read the tweet messages and access to uploaded images or video link.

Kenichi Sugi from COO DG Mobile said that a subsidiary of Digital Garage Twitter partners in Japan in Mobidec2009 conference recently. He said the application of the model that will start paying in January next year.

The plan, premium users can arrange for minor messages can still be freely accessible to anyone and can apply the money paid for important messages, like equipped with an external web address links, images, or video exclusive. Twitter users who are interested can pay a monthly subscription or pay each time access. Payment can be made by credit card, mobile wallet in the mobile service, or vouchers that are sold in retail outlets.

According to the information released by local media, tariffs varied between 100-1000 Yen. Twitter would take for 30 percent of each transaction which is paid. So far, the Japanese version of Twitter is the most promising services faster income for this Microblogging site. Special services in Japan are designed slightly different than the global version and has sold pages and banner ads at a rate between 5500-33000 U.S. dollars.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Windows 8 released 2012

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Commonly, Microsoft launches an OS every four years, but this schedule was thrown off kilter due to a number of delays in the launch of Vista which in turn slowed the release of Windows 7. We have known that Vista and Windows 7 has no success progress than previous OS – Windows XP.

Microsoft today has tried to move on their progress including software development (Office suite) and OS (Windows 7 updates and Windows 8 release). Image above shows you a time table of Microsoft products release from year to year. The unstable time to release new products from Microsoft might be caused by some competitors’ progress in releasing a new reliable OS and software such as Linux, Mac OS, Android, and even Google Chrome OS where most of them have Open Source platform.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nintendo DSi LL finally released

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The new Nintendo DSi LL with wider screen has been released in Japan. As I wrote before, that this new game console will be available on the market by 2010 for US and Europe market, but for Japan it has been available now.

This new varian of Nintendo has 4.2 inches screen means 1.2 inches larger than previous Nintendo DSi Lite. Here is the comparison between DSi LL with its competitor Sony PSP 3000.

With the comparison above, you can choose which one the best for your hand to hold and to see. It is also hoped for next DS series will be integrated by 3G network to make it more reliable for all gamers.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

iPod Touch with camera will be coming soon

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Apple plans to embed a camera and microphone to iPod Touch and make it quite same as iPhone 3GS without phone and SMS capability. Apple’s factories in China are already manufacturing iPod Touch models with integrated cameras and microphones but an Apple spokesman declined to comment more detail about it.

However, it is still a rumor and we cannot ensure it at least for two or three months later where Apple plans to give us more detail about the specification of this new iPod Touch. It means not only a song can be its part, but also capturing and voice would be a concern of next iPod series. Microphone and camera would enable the iPod Touch to understand voice commands, capture video and images, and work with a wider variety of programs in the App Store.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Blackberry slider will be coming soon

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Research in Motion (RIM) as Blackberry vendor plans to build their first slider-touch screen handheld in 2010. This new gadget has been labeled with the name “Pluto” and model number 9900. This handheld resembles a cross between the Storm2 and one of RIM’s non-touch QWERTY devices – Blackberry Onyx 9700.

Moreover, on this new device will there any significant change of WebKit browser for the BlackBerry which follows the company both buying a developer and, in recent weeks, recruiting a WebKit developer. It would replace RIM's aging proprietary web code with a modern foundation also shared by Apple, Google and Palm with support for current HTML standards. Lets see for few weeks later where more detail will be announced.


Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Phone-is it real?

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It would be a very interesting gossip to talk where Google plans to build its own Android device. Not only Operating System but all built up by Google from hardware to software, it means from top to bottom will be designed by Google. Actually, this rumor has spread up in the internet for long time but Google always clarify that they are not going to build any device or hardware, only focused on software development.

As known well, Apple has build its own device –iPhone 3G- where inside out is fully Apple embedded. Microsoft have also ever built its own handheld –Zune – was made by Toshiba, and Samsung just released its own OS named Bada. It’s normal issue when Google finally desire to build its own device.

The candidates of Google handheld builder might be a Taiwan or Korea manufacturer and an obvious choice is HTC who has been a major supplier of Android devices. LG and Samsung also have a chance to be a major manufacturer for Google device, however Samsung has known well have long relationship with Apple, so the most chanced Korea manufacturer is LG.

We are only wondering how and when this will come to the surface where now they might be working on this mysterious Google Phone in meantime and it supposed to be released in early 2010.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Image Swirl

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Google Labs always work in progress to give you more applications with a great idea. After Script Converter, Google labs now work on Google Image Swirl where organizes image search results into groups and sub-groups, based on their visual and semantic similarity and presents them in an intuitive exploratory interface.

Google image search has been very useful tool for us to find more related images all around the world. Image Swirl expands the technology that powers Similar Images and Picasa Face Recognition and groups images based upon similar themes. Users will be presented with 12 different image themes to select from. Once a user chooses a theme and clicks the corresponding thumbnail, that group or cluster of images will swirl into view so that you can further explore that theme. The detail you can see the image below.

However, after try this new feature, the swirl feature more confusing us as a user to choose the right image related to keyword we submitted. Moreover, using image swirl, we got no more detail information about the image as conventional image search tool. Some users who tried this new tool also gave a negative feedback as quoted below-taken from Google Image Swirl Details and Feedbacks. However, it is still great idea but need more progress to make it perfect.

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Would Google Chrome OS unveiled today?

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The rumor said that Google Chrome OS will be released this week might be true. This rumor has also been mentioned on about the launching of Google OS. Which known from Google official blog, the launching of this Google Chrome for netbooks will be next year as quoted below.

Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010 -
According to which were being notified by Google that it isn’t really a launch but to give us a first look at this OS only and we got no detail for exact date of launching next year.

The plan is to give some technical background information as well as show off some demos, we're told. More notably, they will be giving a "complete overview" of the new OS, which they say will launch next year -
If Google Chrome OS is built for netbooks, what about Android? According to Google official blog, Android was designed to work on variety devices from smartphones to netbooks. Google claimed these two OS will not overlap each other and everyone has own choice to choose for their benefit. It seems to be a same platform I think, no difference of these Open Source platform. But I wonder to see the real of these Google OS means we can try and feel the real. Let’s wait and see.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Earth 2.0 for your iPhone

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This upgrade of Google Earth for iPhone–previous was version 1.0 – have some new features including support 31 languages (English (U.S), English (UK), French (France), German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Arabic, Thai, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malaysian, Romanian, Slovak, and Croatian) where previous version only 18 languages available.

The most interesting from this version where you can create your own map through the My Maps interface. When you touch an icon, a small glow appears under your finger to let you know which icon you have picked. This application has been a very popular app for iPhone and we still wonder to know for Android platform. You can download this application for your iPhone here.


Script Converter – More than a Google Translate

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If the user can understand spoken Tamil but cannot read the script, they will be able to view Tamil web pages in English (Roman) script. We do not translate any content - we transform the words on the page to its phonetic equivalent in the desired script.
The quote above is from Google Converter detail site that will show you how and about of this new feature from Google. Currently Google with their Google Labs always develop any new application to ease and comfort us using Google.

One of their breakthroughs is Google converter. This application allows you to convert any script or web page into some languages that you may know. Quite same as Google translate but this feature will totally convert the script as you can compare through the images below. Somehow, Google translate you may find some original texts that cannot be translated.

Google Translate

Google Converter

However, currently Google Converter only supports 8 languages –Bengali, English, Gujarati, Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi, Nepali), Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. China Mandarin script will be coming soon while the engineers are working on it. We hope it will be available as many as language available in Google Translate immediately or even also available for some old language including Sansekerta, Ancient Egypt, or Latin. It seems to be easy to convert any old and ancient manuscript if these language also available in Google Converter.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bada – Samsung open mobile platform unveiled

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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., one of leading mobile phone provider, has just announced its mobile platform and plans to launch it in next December. From its official site - - quoted that it would be an Open Mobile platform where developers can build their own mobile applications for millions of Samsung handhelds.

With Open Source platform, it would be an Android competitor and offers convenience to developers, particularly in the field of Web services, and rich interfaces. Moreover, bada’s ground-breaking User Interface (UI) can be transferred into a sophisticated and attractive UI design for developers.

The announcement was assessed Samsung will leave the Windows Mobile and Symbian. The move will drop the Microsoft share to 50% next year and 20% in 2012. Most of the current Samsung smartphone running on Windows Mobile

Monday, November 16, 2009

STOBA - Secure your Li-Ion battery

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Lithium-Ion as a power source for many electronic gadgets including cell phone, camera, laptops and MP3 player are reported often being unstable electronic component as they are susceptible to overheating, which can cause fires and explosions.

When Li-Ion battery shorted out, the battery temperature will quickly rise, which can reach 932 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why the battery flammable or explosive. ITRI Unveils STOBA, the First Material Technology to Ensure the Safety of Lithium-Ion Batteries which prevents fires or explosions by being positive and negative sides of the battery. If the battery temperature reaches 266 degrees Fahrenheit, STOBA changed from a porous material into a film and had to stop the reaction.

STOBA is expected available on the market in the first quarter of 2010 and still being tested in the lab. However, using STOBA will increase the manufacturing costs up to 3 percent which can also impact to the customer price.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's called blink-blink iPod Shuffle

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With stainless steel case, this iPod Shuffle would be a great choice for your fun moments. Sometimes you just want to listen to music without all the fuss of tapping tiny volume and selection buttons. Apple's iPod Shuffle, with simple controls right on the earphone cord, allows you to do just that.

The 4-GB stainless-steel Shuffle is not just the world's smallest music player, but it also runs with the big boys, holding up to 1,000 songs. It would be a great friend to accompany your next holiday. This gadget retailed for approximately $99 if you shop directly to Apple online store.

Next Android revealed by Dell – still in secret

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Its Dell turn to reveal its Android device since many smartphone vendors has unveiled their Android platform device. Dell confirms that they plan to enter the smart phone business and announced partnerships with two of the world’s largest mobile operators and planned to distribute its new Mini 3 smart phones through China Mobile, the largest telecommunications company in the world with more than 500 million customers, and Claro, which serves more than 42 million people in Brazil as part of the America Movil network.

Dell Mini 3 will be ensured run on Google Android operating system, but other specifications of this gadget still in secret. So we just now can wonder how it could be and what the redundancy of this gadget compares to other Android devices.

Since many vendors decided to use Android as their OS, it may make Microsoft as Windows Mobile vendor worry due to a significant Android growth. It could happen because of its Open Source platform and make it free and of course for company it would be worthy to saving on all those OS license fees.

It seems to be a hard work for Windows Mobile to compete Android, and might be soon release their Windows Mobile in Open Source platform. Let’s wait and see.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What age to log in Facebook?

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Facebook has now grown rapidly and has more than 300 million users all around the world. However, Status updates, photo tagging and FarmVille aren't just for adults or even teenagers anymore. Some researches wake us up that even kids now has a Facebook account.

Many elementary students talk about their status or photos on Facebook to others and proudly did it but we do not realize yet the bad effect of it. Actually, Facebook or Myspace requires users to be at least 13 years old to have an account, but they have no practical and technical way to moderate their real ages. More of them pretend to be older when signing up.

From the survey done by, 38 percent of 700 and 935 teenagers aged 12 to 14 said that they have online profile of some sort. Sixty-one percent of those in the study, ages 12 to 17, said they use social-networking sites to send messages to friends, and 42 percent said they do so every day.

With all the facts above, we have to now worry to our children when they start to sign up to some social media sites. Using these social sites can affect to psychological and way of their thinking then will make them grow mature before their age. Many interactions on the internet would influence your children and we cannot control what kind of influence on internet. Accompanying and educating your children in responsible way would reduce the bad effect of this social-networking sites when we forcibly let them to sign up.


Tweet your weight now!

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Not only your status or what you think or even what you feel you can tweet now, the embarrassing thing is also can you share automatically to your Twitter. A new WiFi-enabled scale from Withings encourages users to lose weight by sharing their body weight, lean & fat mass, and calculated body mass index (BMI) on Twitter.

However, this gadget will not share your information without activate it first and according to its vendor, it is intended to be a motivation for healthy life. It can be set up for daily, weekly, monthly or even every time you weigh.

It looks so ridiculous for me to share a private information to the followers and I think our followers also seem do not like it and we have to be ready to lose followers faster either your weight.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Video review - Toshiba TG01 Vs iPhone 3GS Vs HTC HD2

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Want to see three touchscreen smartphones fight to proof which one the best?

Toshiba TG01
Display: 4.1 inches (800 × 480)
Dimensions: 70 × 130x9, 9 mm. (Width x Height x Thickness)
Weight: 129 gr.

iPhone 3GS
Display: 3.5 inches (480 × 320)
Dimensions: 62,1 × 115,5 × 12,3 (Width x Height x Thickness)
Weight: 135 gr.

Display: 4.3 inches (800 × 480)
Dimensions: 67 × 120,5 × 11 mm. (Width x Height x Thickness)
Weight: 157 gr.

It would be your preference in choosing a right smartphone for your mobile style.


Wi-Fi war by search engine companies

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On upcoming holiday season, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft as the owner of most leading search engines try to attract internet user to use their service. The way is offering free Wi-Fi access in some areas in US.

Microsoft is the first to break out this idea in last September. This biggest software vendor started offer up this service in some places in United States where internet user can freely browse the internet if they use Bing to search over the internet at least once.

Then, Google starts that service on November 11 in 47 airports in the US cities include Las Vegas, Boston, Burbank, Indianapolis, Miami, Orlando, Charlotte, San Jose, Baltimore, Houston, Seattle, Ft. Lauderdale, and St. Louis in corporate with Boingo Wireless. The free Wi-Fi will continue to serve air travelers until January 15 except in Burbank and Seattle, where the free Wi-Fi will be there forever, if Google can help it.

Free Google Wi-Fi is also available for Virgin America Airways passengers and all the free Wi-Fi by Google will be available until January 15, 2010.

Meanwhile, Yahoo also launched the free Wi-Fi service on the same date as Google and now available only on Time Square, New York City, but it would be forever service from Yahoo. Hopefully, these three giant of internet companies will consider offer their free Wi-Fi service to other countries which have significant internet user, not only in US.

Verizon MiFi 2200 turns 3G into Wi-Fi

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You prefer use your netbook than your 3G smartphone to browse? With larger screen, netbook gives you more comfort in browsing the internet than smartphones. If you are not in Wi-Fi network area but in 3G coverage area, you have another way to use your netbook.

Verizon MiFi 2200 is a kind of portable hotspot that can turn 3G cellular signal into Wi-Fi. This gadget sized as a stack of credit cards only and retailed for $130 in USA. However, it needs more expense to use for about $60/month, quite expensive for private use.

Another option is you use it together with your mates due to its function as a hotspot terminal, so it can be used for some netbooks in a time. Speed is one of great point of this gadget, better than using your smartphones. Let’s wait and see for outside of USA.


* WiFi (802.11 b/g)
* microSD slot
* microUSB port
* Network: Verizon 3G (EVDO Rev. A) – Dual Band 800/1900Mhz CDMA
* Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.4 in (90 x 60 x 8.8 mm)
* Weight: 2.05 oz


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Space elevator - is it fiction or real?

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NASA plans to build a prototype of space elevator that can lift up from the Earth to the space. According to, NASA offered up for anyone who can build a prototype of an elevator able to crawl up a kilometer-high tether while hauling a heavy payload and this week in the Mojave Desert, three teams of engineers are competing for $2 million.

Most models for an elevator into space which is presented by those scientists involve attaching a cable from a satellite, space station or other counterweight to a base on Earth's surface. Scientists say inertia would keep the cable tight enough to allow an elevator to climb it.

The inspiration of this idea based on some science fiction story such as on 1979 by Clarke on his Novel titled "The Fountains of Paradise" where he writes about a scientist battling technological, political and ethical difficulties involved in creating a space elevator.

In the years that followed, Clarke, who died last year, remained an outspoken advocate for researching and funding the elevator. However, the scientists say that currently not available strong enough material o make the cables that will support heavy loads of passengers or cargo into orbit. According to NASA research, the space elevator cable would need to be about 22,000 miles long. To make it real, a super-light material is needed but must be at least 25 times stronger than today’s material available.

With all the obstacles, can this mega-project with high technology adapted be realized in short time? Do you think it’s real or science fiction only?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coolest widget built only for you

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If you see a slideshow widget at the right bar of this blog, you might wondering where to get it. This gadget is served by which builds some gorgeous widget for your blog. The trusted widget can raise your impression and will make your visitor feel comfortable with your blog.

There are 6 widgets on wowzio which ready to be customized special for your blog:
  • Panoramic Slideshow
This widget has been installed at the right bar of this blog where you can see the slideshow of this blog’s content based on our feed. With this attractive widget, your visitor feels easier to browse more on your blog.
  • Live Activity
I am sure you have known about Feedjit that shows you current traffic of your blog, but using Live Activity widget from wowzio can give you more than a traffic feed, but also give you a great look.

  • Photo Gallery
Photo gallery widget does not only show you a picture gallery on your blog, but the pictures from each content of your blog and linked to those posts. Quite same as Panoramic Slideshow, every clicking a photo or picture on this gadget will be linked to your post.
  • Feed Content
Feed content gives you a list of your blog posts, of course with a great look and attractive way. It will curious your visitor to browse more of your blog’s contents.
  • Slideshow
This widget is typical with Panoramic Slideshow but in simple appearance.
  • Tag Cloud
I need no to explain more about this widget, because I am sure you have known more than me about this widget, but one thing you have to know, Wowzio Tag Cloud shows tags of your blogs based on related keywords of your blog and it is automatically running.

Many hesitations about the loading performance of your blog if using some flash widgets. For your information, Wowzio widget will not slow you down because Wowzio widgets are hosted on quad-core 64-bit super-fast machines, with RAID 10 disk storage and a Gigabit network backbone. So you no need to feel inconvenience about a performance after using these widgets. If you curious to find further detail, you can simply and freely click the banner below.

Sharing Journal Widgets

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pocket Fox – New look of Mobile Firefox

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From Mozilla official blog, we get a new look of Mobile Firefox. As known that Mobile Firefox is an alternative mobile browser in your phone and it has a new design named “Pocket Fox”. This logo is designed by the winner of “Firefox Goes Mobile” design challenge which is held by Firefox, Yaroslaff Chekunov.

Interestingly, the designers all hail from different countries (Brazil, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Indonesia). This design shows a fox hides in the pocket means that Mobile Firefox would be in your pocket as your mobile gadget.

As this new emblem of Mobile Firefox, we always wonder to look the great performance of it besides Opera Mini.


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Xperia™ X10 – Would it be an Android device?

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Since many smartphone vendors unveiled their new Android powered handheld, will Sony Ericsson release an Android device? According to their official site, Sony Ericsson will soon release a touch screen device to the market and it supposed to be in the market during the first half of 2010.

Xperia series would be the most wanted gadget by Sony Ericsson that will release soon, one of this series is Xperia™ X10. This series has been waiting to be the most gorgeous phone with touch screen feature. Xperia™ X10 is featured with Timescape™ where manage your messages from some social media such as Facebook and Twitter in one box.

Which known that another Xperia series, X2 that has also touch screen feature, is powered by Windows Mobile OS. However this series will be unveiled with the specification:
  • X10 is running Android 1.6.
  • Android 1.6 has OpenGL ES 1.1 APIs (native and Java)
  • X10 hardware (GPU) supports OpenGL ES 2.0
  • X10 SEMC applications (such as Timescape) rely on a UI framework which is Qualcomm proprietary and indirectly use OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware and functionality.
However, with X10 running Android 1.6, OpenGL ES 2.0 APIs are not accessible to all developers. Completed with display 480 x 854 pixels WVGA and 16,536 color TFT touchscreen, it would be a worthy gadget to wait for. You can see Xperia™ X10 further detail from demo video below, or you can make a product comparison to other Xperia series or seeing the detail specification here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Photoshop Mobile App for Android™

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Image Hosted by

After release of Flash Player for mobile device, Adobe as a vendor of Photoshop is now launching a new application for mobile especially Google Android phones. This new application has been released in limited edition for iPhone.

Named as Photoshop Mobile, this application is made for you to acces a basic photo editing such as flip, crop, rotate, or straightens. It is gonna be easy because a touch screen feature on every Google Android phone to apply effects, adjust the color and saturation or tint level by your finger.

Image Hosted by

For further information to use this Photoshop Mobile for Google Android, you can simply watch the demo video. We always look forward the progress of every new features provided for Google Android which make it grow better.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

PrintBrush portable printer

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Today, our daily activity mostly in mobile platform and now the technology has been following our mobile lifestyle. Started from netbooks and phones where now been primary needs. We always use email or soft copy of document for our daily transaction, but we sometimes still need a hard copy for our result of working like e-mail or documents. The problem is when we are mobile and we need to print our email or document.

Now, we have a compact portable printer that can support your mobile work and of course it is so compact and light to bring. From the official site, this portable printer named PrintBrush, it has inkjet and RMPT™ print technology with 600dpi monochrome resolution. Here is the specification:
  • Resolution: 600dpi monochrome
  • Print technology: inkjet and RMPT™ Full
  • Max. speed: 250mm/sec
  • Volume: Approx. 200cc
  • Weight: Approx. 250gm
  • Interfaces: USB 2.0, Bluetooth, IRda
  • Power supply: rechargable Li-Ion battery
You can check the video below for further detail, and this gadget will approximately retailed for $199.

Via, Via

Saturday, November 7, 2009

HTC HD2 in waiting list

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HTC HD2 is a new phone released by Taiwan vendor, HTC, and this new variant is built with many cool features inside. HTC HD2 powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 which also includes a windows version of a Twitter application and HTC Peep. With 4.3 inches touch screen and 480 x 800 pixels display and a light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display.

It would be a great choice for us to stay up with this phone, of course with animated background and put shortcuts to people, websites, or applications right on the home screen will make it eye catching. Meanwhile, other features such as 5MP digital camera and Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon mobile processor emphasize it to be a valued Smartphone.

This gadget will be unveiled in mid-November in Taiwan and will bring to the Europe and Asia’s market immediately, neither to America’s market which will be in 2010. We are still wondering the price for Indonesia’s market, so HTC HD2 is still in our waiting list.

Friday, November 6, 2009

All in one - Google Dashboard

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Google has just launched new feature of Google Dashboard. According to Google official blog, this new feature will show you all the account of Google in one page to ease you in accessing you account. It is designed to be simple and useful, the Dashboard summarizes data for each product that we use.

Now, Google has more than 20 products and services, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Web History, Orkut, YouTube, Picasa, Talk, Reader, Alerts, Latitude and many more. With Google dashboard, all of those products can be covered in a single page. I’ve tried it and I got a snapshot for you below:

You can access Google Dashboard through the personal settings on the My Account page after you log into the service, or it can be directly accessed through this link.

Via, Read

What is RSS Feed?

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RSS is an acronym for Really Simply Syndication. This is a simple XML format that allows you all for sharing headlines and other Web content with other sites on the World Wide Web. The main purpose of RSS is to help you to distribute your web site from 'what's new' category for many other sites that quickly and easily as possible.

There are several reasons that contribute to maximizing the link popularity of websites via RSS feeds. Whenever you use the Web site RSS feeds to display news items, it will automatically put a link to your website. Higher number of websites uses RSS feeds, it will effect to the higher number of sites linking to your website. For each item that you publish news in RSS feeds, you get various links of all websites that actually publish RSS feeds.

It is not difficult to create RSS feeds. However, it is important to understand that RSS feeds are not good for you if you do not update the news regularly, RSS feeds will not work for you at all.

RSS feeds are XML files really need to have a valid syntax. as a technology, gadget and blogging tips category blog has been being updated regularly every day, means you can get fresh news in those categories every morning via your reader or email. You need just simply subscribe trough our feeds available below.

  • Subscribe via RSS FEED
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get traffic and better rank with directories

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Blog directory is well known can give a traffic to your blog and it could be unique visitors from all over the world. With unique visitor, it may raise your rank in some search engines. So if you have monetized blog for business purpose, listing your blog in some directories is a must to do.

Blog directory is kind of website that list your blog and group it in to an appropriate blog category. For example you have a technology topic blog; you will be placed and grouped in to a technology topic lists. Here I try to give you some blog directories that I recommended include some button to indicate your rank in their lists. Better rank in their lists, it could be better rank in search engines and your traffic.

Blog catalog Technology Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

Blogtoplist Internet Technology (Computers) - TOP.ORG


Blog Listing - The internets fastest growing blog directory

Bloghub Blog Directory & Search engine

Blograngkings Technology Blogs - Blog Rankings

Those blog directories above are some of many blog directories you can choose. However, listing your blog in a directory may raise your rank in traffic, but the most important is always updating your blog regularly with a good content is more favorable by some search engines.

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