Friday, July 9, 2010

Iron Man Costume For $4000

I bet you probably think is a frame taken from the Iron Man 2, but it is a picture of Colorodan Anthony Le wearing his $4,000 homemade Iron Man 2 costume of War Machine. Well, let’s say he has a passionate in making the Iron Man 2 costume. The homemade costume looks designed very well, it is almost or near resembled with the original. The background of the image strongly supports the creation of the movie frame.

Anthony Le has been a fan of Iron Man from a child. The inspiration of making this costume started when the comic-book was hitting into a big screen. He decided to make his own Iron Man suit, for the result, the costume of War Machine took 1 month to build and was constructed from high-impact urethane that was cut and then riveted together with around 1,500 rivets. For the helmet, was sculptured from clay and a liquid resin was used to create the final item, with servo motors added to operate the helmets face plate just like the film. LED’s were added to the chest plate and helmet. The rotary gun was made from pipes, the motor inside helps to provide the spinning motion.

Via: Geeky-gadgets

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Frances said...

Wow, that has got to be a hefty price tag for superhero costumes but then again, if you can afford it, that costume will surely set you apart from the rest!

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